Our Staff

Principal - Averil Nunn
I have been Principal at SCPS for 14 years and I am extremely proud of the students and staff who make this school a vibrant and inspiring place of learning. It is a highly successful school producing students who achieve academic excellence, have emotional resilience and social competences that will guide them through their future years of learning. These attributes are the foundations of them becoming positive and successful members of society in our ever changing world. Do come and visit us and see and feel for yourself the educational excellence that is manifested and nurtured within this school.

Assistant Principal - Anne Robinson
Anne Robinson has been at Southern Cross for twenty three years and has taught in grades 1,2,5 and 6. There have been many changes during this time but she has always enjoyed working with our multi-cultural students. She is at currently working as our school's Student Welfare Co-ordinator and Assistant Principal. She loves her time at Southern Cross.


Grade 5/6 Co-ordinator (Leadership Team)- Leonie Lapthorne
Leonie has been teaching at Southern Cross Primary School for 6 years. She is a member of the Leadership Team and more specifically the Senior School Coordinator, the Mathematics Coordinator, ICT Coordinator and Reports Coordinator. She is a member of the School Improvement Team and has been involved in writing and planning the updated curriculum at SCPS. She enjoys the humour and playfulness in teaching the grade 5/6 students and particularly enjoys sharing her love of performing arts with them, as seen through the success of our most recent school production.


Physical Education and STEM (Leadership Team) - Leigh-Ann Schouw
Leigh-Ann Schouw has been at Southern Cross for a number of years now and has taught various year levels across the school. She is a specialist co-ordinator, a member of the School Leadership Team and the School Improvement Team. She enjoys watching students have fun while they are learning and she tries to make all learning experiences relevant. She is interested in technology, health and well-being and loves playing basketball out of school hours.


Grade 1/2 Co-ordinator (Leadership Team)- Angeline Singh
Angeline Singh has been at Southern Cross Primary for the past 11 years and has enjoyed teaching in all year levels. She is the Junior School Co-ordinator, member of the School Leadership Team and the School Improvement Team. Angeline is passionate and enthusiastic about her students having a growth mindset to make learning in the classroom challenging and meaningful through the effort effect. She excitedly co-ordinates the CHaTS Group (Community Harmony and Team Spirit) gatherings and all related activities at the School including playgroup and the school's annual Harmony Day Celebration.


Foundation Co-ordinator (leadership Team) - Laura Harrison
Laura Harrison has been teaching at Southern Cross for a number of years. She is the Foundation Co-ordinator and has a passion for creating hands on learning activities for her students. She is the Problem Based Learning (PBL) Co-ordinator and enjoys helping her students learn through real world experiences. 


Business Manager (Leadership Team)- Sue Jones
Sue has been Business Manager in charge of the school's finanaces for nine years and part of a caring Office team. Since coming to Southern Cross she has become a member of an enthusiastic and caring staff and school community.


Performing Arts/Art- Jennifer Graham
Jennifer Graham has taught a variety of year levels across the school over a number of years. She is extremely excited about working in her area of passion, Art. She is looking forward to continuing these classes for our students and hopes that you enjoy the many displays currently around the school.


Grade 3/4 Co-ordinator - Andrew Altube
Andrew has been at Southern Cross for a number of years working in a variety of roles across the school. He is the Physical Education Teacher, French Teacher, Interschool Sport Co-ordiantor and is a member of the School Improvement Team.


Chinese/Health and Well-being (Leadership Team) - Kristina Krikas
Kristina Krikas has been an educator for quite a few years at various schools and has taught across all year levels. She has been at Southern Cross Primary for 16 years and is a member of the School Leadership Team. This year she has embarked on a new role as a Specialist Teacher, introducing two new subjects into our school curriculum. I love our school because of the family atmosphere and the dedication we all have in seeing our students succeed academically and socially. Furthermore, I admire the way our students support each other and are accepting of each other's cultural backgrounds.


Grade 3/4 - Meg McLaren
Meg has taught overseas with a variety of experience from Foundation to Year 6. She strongly believes that building student resilience and wellbeing are essential for both academic and social development. She enjoys watching the students have fun while they are learning by creating hands on tasks that are relevant learning experiences.


Foundation - Blaire Turner
Blaire has recently joined Southern Cross Primary as on of the foundation teachers. Blaire has worked in numerous schools in the South Eastern Suburbs and has experience teaching grades Prep through to 6. She enjoys being a part of the school community, as well as extracurricular activities including running, basketball, and horse riding. Blaire is looking forward to a wonderful year at Southern Cross Primary.


Office Manager - Kaye Schendzielorz
Our Office Manager, Kaye has worked for many years at Southern Cross. Kaye enjoys the contact with students, staff and school community. The variety and uniqueness of her job means that no two days are ever the same.


Office/Education Support/Integration - Rhonda Smith
Rhonda has been at Southern Cross Primary for a number of years. She provides Education Support for various students and has worked across all year levels. She is currently expanding her learning experiences while working with a vision impaired student. She also works in the office, puts together the weekly Newsletter and updates the School website. She has a passion for reading and is really enjoying running library sessions for Foundation to Grade 4.


Education Support/Office/Library - Lisa McKenna
Lisa has been at Southern Cross Primary for a number of years. She works with a variety of students across the school and has a special interest in developing students literacy skills. Recently Lisa has completed special training to support students with severe autisim and special needs. Lisa also works in the office and Library.


Education Support/Library - Daniel Topic
Daniel has worked at a variety of schools to support children across all year levels. He has a particular interest in supporting children with team building skills and mathematics. Once a week during lunch time, he runs a woodwork program along with Mrs Harrison with students who show interest in building with wood materials as he has 10 years experience as a carpenter.


Education Support/Library - Caroline Drapeau

Caroline has been working with children with special needs for a number of years now and truly enjoys helping the students grow and learn in an educational environment. She has a special interest with kids on the autism spectrum and also provides Education Support for various students across all school levels.  

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