In the grade 5/6 area we focus heavily on furthering our student’s independence, critical thinking and leadership abilities. These skills are developed through the use of the following programs and approaches…

Problem Based Learning:
Our students have the opportunity to develop their problem solving skills through our Problem Based Learning unit. Within this unit our students are able to tackle ‘real world’ problems and find solutions using their own process (this may include website design, video editing etc.).

Technology Programs:
In the senior school the ‘laptop’ program provides students with easy access to computers. This ensures students are able to create websites, blog about their experiences and research information. Cyber safety is taught every week during ICT time, helping students protect their identities and stay safe in an online environment.
The students also have the opportunity to participate in media classes every week. These classes teach students how to create/edit movies using a blue screen and film Claymation movies, using scripts written during English classes.

All students learn in different ways and have a range of differing abilities. Our activities are developed to ensure that we provide students with every opportunity to progress their knowledge at their own level. In order to differentiate learning for your child, we provide them with open-ended tasks, hands on tasks, tasks which are relevant to their interests, tasks which allow student choice, tasks which engage through the use of ICT and opportunities to participate in workshops with differing learning focuses to allow them to guide their own learning. We also provide opportunities to work in collaborative whole class, grouped, partnered and individual settings. We never label or group students by ability.

Leadership Program:
All of our grade 5/6 students have the opportunity to develop their leadership skills through our ‘Tribes’ sessions and during Assembly. The students run small group activities for younger students and are in charge of running assemblies each week. This helps the students improve their public speaking and team work skills.

Interschool Sports:
Senior School students have the opportunity to participate in Interschool Sports(ISS) every Friday morning. Term 1 is usually dedicated to ISS training while Terms 2 and 4 are competition terms against other schools from the local area.










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